We are Producers, Directors, Creators, Technical Directors, Engineers, Storytellers.​ We also happen to be experts in remote production and a top creative virtual studio.​

Due to the unique nature of our business, we began developing remote collaboration production solutions several years ago. Since the start of COVID, we accelerated those efforts and worked to master them in order to continue producing engaging, broadcast-quality content for our target audience, without interruption.​

New doors have opened. Now our internal team and extended network of producers, directors, designers, technicians, and more apply our capabilities to producing and supporting live broadcasts and live-to-tape productions for our partners, all through a fully virtual control room system.​

We customize our approach for each project, capturing any number of necessary remote content feeds and delivering a seamless stream or recording with near-zero latency.​

Virtualis Studios is your complete remote production solutions partner.​ Challenge us to deliver what you need.​

A complete cloud-based studio with deep experience providing​
scalable solutions for remote video production and monitoring​
within a fully-virtual control room environment.​






Pertinent both to the nature of how today's productions must account for health and safety parameters, but also to the shifts in production methodologies that will endure post-COVID, Virtualis provides a sophisticated and cost-efficient solution enabling our partners to remotely monitor production shoots in real-time.​ ​


Through a customizable multi-view and communications system, an unlimited number of key personnel can watch live recordings in real-time and communicate with the on-site talent and crew on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis, all from the comfort and safety of home.​ ​


Virtualis enables producers, writers, executives, agents/agencies, third party clients, etc., to execute their job responsibilities without the need to be at the physical location where a production is being filmed. ​


Whether for health reasons or to reduce expenses, remote monitoring and communications are here to stay.​ ​ ​